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5 Reasons Why You Should Drink DAYES Enzyme Fermented Coffee

5 Reasons Why You Should Drink DAYES Enzyme Fermented Coffee

#1 It has only 10-15% of the caffeine found in regular coffee.

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Too much caffeine can be addictive, disrupt sleep, and also affect people with health conditions such as high blood pressure and anxiety. You can enjoy the delicious flavor of coffee DAYES Enzyme Fermented Coffee without worrying too much about caffeine. 

#2 It is low acidity and gentle on your stomach.

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Many people suffer from digestive issues such as acid reflux, IBS, or GERD. DAYES Enzyme Fermented Coffee is low in acid, which helps make it gentler on your stomach and easier to digest. It also has a mild, smooth, flavor that is suitable for anyone who does not like harsh coffee. 

#3 It has very little bitterness.

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While some people enjoy bitter coffee, most of us enjoy our coffee with sugar. It is known that too much sugar consumption increases your risk of diabetes and obesity. Because DAYES Enzyme Fermented Coffee has very little bitterness, many people enjoy it black or with only a little cream and milk. 

#4 It uses specialty grade beans (the highest grade of coffee bean).

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Did you know coffee beans are graded? DAYES Enzyme Fermented Coffee is made with Grade 1 beans, the highest grade available. This ensures that there are very very few insect damaged beans, rotten beans, and unripened beans in a batch of coffee. 

#5 It is freshly roasted before being delivered to you.

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Nowadays when you buy coffee from the grocery store, you don't know how long the coffee has been sitting on the shelf, or how many days it's been since the coffee was roasted. With DAYES Enzyme Fermented Coffee you always get freshly roasted coffee as they roast their coffee before shipping. Plus they stamp the "Roast Date" on every bag of coffee so customers know exactly when their coffee was roasted. 

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