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14 Reasons You Should Drink More Coffee

14 Reasons You Should Drink More Coffee

As if you needed another excuse

Coffee just might be the world’s favorite vice. It can transform anyone into a morning person, it blends delightfully into various sweets and treats, and it’s caffeinated enough to pull you through the day.

But you’ll be pleased to know that the reasons to drink more coffee stretch far beyond its enticing taste. The beverage has some health benefits, too. So your caffeine habit, while maybe not the best for your wallet, is pretty great for your body.

Some types of coffee have more caffeine than others. If you’re worried about your blood pressure (or you just get the jitters from caffeine) make sure you know which kinds contain the most.

You may also want to brush up on which orders from your favorite coffee chains are the healthiest and which ones load you with added sugar. While coffee itself has all of these health benefits, you might be shorting yourself on some of the health benefits if you drink hundreds of extra calories and grams of sugar in every cup. Luckily, though, black coffee isn’t the only option. Try mixing it up with a few healthy ways to sweeten your coffee and indulge your sweet tooth without overloading your body with sugar.

But keeping all of those factors in mind, coffee is pretty great for you. Here are 14 totally legitimate health reasons to drink more coffee every day.


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