Enzyme Fermented Coffee 16oz (455g) - OUT OF STOCK: Expected Restock Date October 4
Enzyme Fermented Coffee 16oz (455g) - OUT OF STOCK: Expected Restock Date October 4
Enzyme Fermented Coffee 16oz (455g) - OUT OF STOCK: Expected Restock Date October 4
Enzyme Fermented Coffee 16oz (455g) - OUT OF STOCK: Expected Restock Date October 4
Enzyme Fermented Coffee 16oz (455g) - OUT OF STOCK: Expected Restock Date October 4
Enzyme Fermented Coffee 16oz (455g) - OUT OF STOCK: Expected Restock Date October 4
Enzyme Fermented Coffee 16oz (455g) - OUT OF STOCK: Expected Restock Date October 4

Enzyme Fermented Coffee 16oz (455g) - OUT OF STOCK: Expected Restock Date October 4

DAYES Coffee Roasters
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Due to shipping delays from ocean freight, we are out of enzyme fermented beans. The green coffee beans are on their way from South Korea and the expected arrival at our coffee shop is October 4.






Developed by Dr. Grant Lee, retired Yale cancer pathologist and CEO of DAYES Coffee, our enzyme fermented coffee is crafted with flavor and health in mind. Made of the highest quality coffee beans available on the market (Grade 1), each green bean goes through a 50-enzyme fermentation process - which reduces the caffeine, acidity and bitterness in the coffee, while simultaneously improving aroma and flavor. 

Gentle on digestion and lower on caffeine (without chemical solvents)- we roast our enzyme fermented coffee to a decadent medium-dark, just enough to bring out the cherry, walnut, and dark chocolate notes in the coffee, but without burning the beans to cause harmful substances. 

A new healthier coffee for your active lifestyle. 

DAYES also believes that its enzyme fermented coffee must taste as good as the coffee we all know and love. Enjoy multiple cups of coffee a day without worrying about caffeine overload. 

Our enzyme fermented coffee has another unique feature. As the fermentation process breaks down the oils in the coffee, it has a longer shelf life and will not go rancid for up to 2 years. However, for the freshest aroma, we always recommend consuming your freshly roasted DAYES Coffee within 3 months of roasting. 

Enjoy our coffee in many ways.

We serve our flagship enzyme fermented coffee at our coffee shop (100+ Google Reviews at 4.9 stars). It pulls a creamy and smooth espresso - and is loved by locals and passerby alike. 

We also serve our enzyme fermented coffee as a regular brewed coffee, pour over coffee, and iced coffee. 


Fermented in: South Korea
Roasted in: Middletown, New York, USA
Roasted with: Loring Smart Roaster S15 Falcon (Made in USA)
Net Weight : 455g/16oz
Ingredient : 100% Arabica Beans
Coffee Grade: Specialty Grade 1
Origins (Blend): Brazil Mogiana, Colombia Supremo, Guatemala Antigua and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
Storage : Avoid sunlight and keep in a cool, sealed place
Quality date : 24 months from Roasting date



Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 138 reviews
Spectacular Flavorful Coffee

I had to stop drink coffee over a year ago because of the acid in it that was tearing up my stomach. I love coffee and really struggled having to give it up and I didn't fee the same way about tea. I saw an ad in the Epoch Times for Dayes and read bout the unique roasting that strips out the acid and I decided to give it a try. I've been drinking it now for about 6 months and my stomach is perfect. Thank you Dayes Coffee for bring back my morning enjoyment of sipping coffee while reading the Bible. It's perfect and it taste better than any other brand of coffee I've tried.

Thank you Rachel for sharing your story. We are so glad we can help people enjoy coffee again!

Neil Sunkel
Absolutely the best coffee I have ever had!

In a works full of superlatives, this title may seem more like hype than honest opinion , but it’s not. Known to my friends and family as a coffee officianado, I would never give such high praise without justification. The coffee is full-flavored without any hint of bitterness or charred taste. Furthermore, I have served this to many guests and they have all raved about the taste - and I know a few who have since ordered it for themselves. Try it… I firmly believe that you will love it!

Thank you for sharing DAYES coffee with others. We are happy to hear that it was liked by your guests.

David Jean

Unbelievable taste and aroma. My wife got the mail and put the double wrapped bag in the car. She said she wanted to try it by the time she was at the top of the driveway. She is an Adventist and has never had even a sip of coffee her entire life. I am a devout coffee drinker and will buy nothing but this Dayes coffee.

Boyd Hudson

A smooth, rich, enjoyable cup of coffee! I do not say that very often. The acidity in most coffee has a negitive effect on me to the point where I never order coffee at a restaurant...at all. This coffee had no such effects. A good tasting, enjoyable cup of coffee! A rare thing for me!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We are happy to hear you can now enjoy a cup of coffee with low acidity and full flavor!

Unique and Delicious

Strong but not bitter, and still very flavorful. Rich, earthy tones with a smooth finish. In terms of a difference in digestion, I don't normally have issues digesting coffee unless it's sweet drive-thru coffee, but I can still feel that Dayes is gentler on my stomach, and I'm never hit with that strong caffeine effect. Not whatsoever the weak watery flavor of decaf (because the caffeine is 80% removed through the enzyme process) rather still very delicious and effective! Highly recommend, even as an occasional substitution to your daily grind.

We are happy you enjoy the enzyme fermented coffee. Thank you for taking the time to review DAYES coffee.

Christopher Tice

I recently invested in a burr hand grinder and Dayes Coffee was the first coffee beans I wanted to try. The flavor is smooth and I never get too jittery. Definitely recommend.

Gary Borrelli
Great tasting, super smooth

I really like the taste and the smoothness.

Melanie Hughes
I Didn't Care for It

Marketed as tasting of walnut, chocolate, and cherry, all three being flavors I love, I thought I'd try. I couldn't taste any of these flavors. Nor was it much like coffee either. I may be spoiled by the dark roasts I usually drink (my husband's preference) but this tasted like slightly muddied pond water. Sorry folks, but you contacted me and asked, or I would not have left a review at all.

james nisbet
Good Coffee

Thanks for the good cup of coffee !

Gary Booth
Really good separation of flavors.

Which does add to the enjoyment of this coffee. Delicious!