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The Ultimate Homemade Cold Brew Recipe for Summer

The Ultimate Homemade Cold Brew Recipe for Summer

As temperatures rise, it is the perfect time to enjoy cold brew! A sip from a cold brew over ice is the ultimate refreshment on a sweltering day. Whether you are a coffee enthusiast or someone trying to escape the summer heat, you won't want to miss out on a cup of chocolaty and mellow cold brew to revitalize your morning and melt away stress in the afternoon! 

A woman drinking a cold brew

Aside from its refreshing effects and delicious taste, cold brew has many impressive health benefits, including boosting metabolism, being easier on the stomach, and reducing disease risks. With DAYES Enzyme Fermented Coffee beans, you can make an even healthier cold brew! Fermented coffee contains 85-90% less caffeine compared to regular coffee, making it a better choice for your diet. DAYES Enzyme Fermented Coffee is also easier to digest and absorb, and it is less acidic and bitter than regular coffee. 

Cold brew is perfect for people with a busy lifestyle as you can store the coffee in the fridge for up to a week. This means you can make a batch of cold brew on the weekend and have enough coffee to get through the week. Super convenient!

Making cold brew at home is actually far easier than you may think! Continue reading this blog written by Dr. Grant Lee, CEO of DAYES Coffee, to discover the cold brew recipe for this summer. 

Medium roasted coffee beans

Some beans make a better cold brew coffee than others. We recommend choosing a coffee that is medium roasted in order to create a beverage that has the perfect, crisp and refreshing flavor.   

A little tip is to grind the beans very coarsely. A smaller grind will result in cloudy coffee. If you purchased ground coffee, ask for it to be ground on a coarse setting for French press. If you rub the grinds between your fingers, there should be a coarse, slightly scratchy texture to them. To maximize aroma and flavor, we always recommend freshly ground whole bean coffee.

French press

Brewing Tools:

  • French Press or a 1 quart glass jar 

Special Equipment:

  • Electric or hand mill coffee grinder
  • Coffee brewing filters or cheesecloth/flour sack cloth


  • ¾ cup (85 grams) whole bean coffee; 4 cups (907 grams) filtered water. 

Coarse coffee grounds

Adjusting coffee strength: 

The ratio of coffee grounds to water is subjective, and depends largely on personal taste. But a good place to start is a 1:10 ratio of ¾ cup coffee beans to 4 cups water. This is enough for a 32-ounce French Press. 

For a larger batch, double the recipe with 1.5 cups coffee beans to 8 cups water - you can even triple the quantity, you just need a bigger container. 

If the recipe turns out too weak, add more coffee grounds. 

Pouring milk into cold brew

1. Soak the coffee grounds in the water: 

If you’re using a French Press, then transfer the coffee grounds to the French press. Stir gently with a long-handled spoon to make sure the grounds are thoroughly saturated with water (don’t press down on the plunger).


If a glass jar, then wrap the coffee grounds with a cloth filter, and dip the cloth filter with coffee grounds inside into the water container. Make sure you wrap the coffee grounds loosely and not too tight. The container should be deep enough to hold the coffee and water and light enough you can pick the whole thing up to strain.


2. Steep overnight: 

Cover the jar with a lid. Let the coffee steep for at least 12 hours at room temperature or put into the refrigerator for about 18 hours.


3. Remove the coffee grounds: 

If you’re using a glass jar, remove your cloth filter and lay it out on a sieve, then pour the coffee through the sieve and the cloth filter. This will remove any coffee grounds that escaped the filter. 

If you’re using a french press, simply press down on the plunger to gather the coffee grounds on the bottom, then pour. 


4. Store the coffee and serve: 

Transfer the coffee to a proper size bottle or jar and store in the fridge for up to a week.

Dilute the coffee with as much water or milk as you prefer. Serve over ice.

A jar of cold brew

Crafting a delicious cold brew requires a simple but precise process, however with some patience and practice, you will be able to easily create your perfect version of cold brew at home! With this recipe at hand, embrace the rich, concentrated flavors of cold brew coffee and experience its refreshing nature. 

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