Recipe: Janice's Low Caffeine, Collagen Rich Coffee Jello (+Vegan Option)

Delicious, healthy, coffee jello that the whole family can enjoy: very low in caffeine and a source of protein and collagen. 

Recipe by Janice, DAYES Coffee customer. 

I just make several cups of DAYES (on the weak side) and add grass-fed, unflavored Gelatin while it’s still hot, then place in the fridge. Try it with some sugar-free, homemade whipped cream on top! Adding gelatin to DAYES is a simple and delicious way to add protein and skin-enhancing collagen to your diet!

I’m certain this little DAYES Dessert can be jazzed up by adding flavored creamers, or made into mocha-chocolate pudding, etc., but DAYES Coffee is so smooth and delicious that I can enjoy my simple, no carb version.

In the photos, you’ll see I added a little cream to this batch before refrigerating. It’s a little smoother and prettier for presentation.

The topping is literally just whipped up whipping cream - no sugar needed! (Everyone loves this, and since the caffeine is so low you can enjoy it even after dinner!)

I use grass-fed, bovine, unflavored gelatin from Hearthy Foods since I’m more focused on “healthy”. 

*Vegan version would use “agar-agar” to replace the gelatin and use vegan creamers."



- grass fed, unflavored bovine gelatin or agar agar for a vegan option 

- whipping cream or coconut whipped product for a vegan option 

- brewed DAYES Enzyme Fermented Coffee

- sugar (optional) 

- chocolate sauce (optional) 

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