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Whole Bean or Ground
Whole Bean
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Whole Bean or Ground
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Brewing Tips
  • This coffee can be enjoyed with any brewing method - best for espresso
  • Use a 1:15 ratio (coffee: water) - use more coffee if you enjoy a stronger flavor 
  • Espresso Machine settings: 18g ground coffee over 35 seconds - use 40 to 49g of water

Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews
Got me drinking coffee again

I stopped drinking coffee about 15 years ago because I didn't need all the caffeine and my stomach and taste buds couldn't tolerate decaf coffee. When I saw that Dayes enzyme coffee had naturally reduced caffeine I thought I'd give it a try. I was hooked immediately. I've always loved the smell of coffee, but the taste was always a little bitter for me. Now I get the smell and the best tasting coffee ever. I'm a fan for life. I've shared it with several of my friends and they have similarly become hooked.

Stephanie Heier

Love, love it. Not bitter and doesn't bother my GERD.

Aromatic and Flavorful

I purchased the ground medium roast level and was impressed by the rich aroma that wafted upon opening the package. My first cup of Dayes coffee was smooth and flavorful.

sally badillo
Good Coffee

I was looking for a coffee that was bold, but not acidic . Coffee with a strong, yet not bitter. You have hit the mark! I also do not get upset stomach, which I usually do get. It is a good guality cup of Joe. Only thing is the cost, so I might not be able to purchase it on a regular basis.


I usually get migraines with caffeinated coffee but your coffee was robust and migraine free for me,


Stephanie Yoder

It tastes great but it has also had an amazing affect on my blood pressure. I've been on low dose BP med for about a year. My BP has improved but still tends to go up & down. I've been drinking 1 cup of Dayes coffee for 11 days. This morn BP was 103/62 before medication. I decided to not take the med. I will continue to monitor it but so far I'm thinking AMAZING.

Not my cupa

$17 is really over $20 when delivered. Too pricey for me. Thought it was dark roast and got medium. Noticed de-caf and I want the caffeine. When brewed the smell was not what I expected would probably get used to it but not sure. I enjoy the aroma that I have known since a kid. Finally, the taste wasn't there. I drink my coffee relatively strong since enjoying it in Europe and this was too mild.

Edmond Dennis

Enzyme Fermented Coffee 7oz (200g)

Rita Yanz
Amazing and Smooth

This coffee is the smoothest I've ever tasted. I've tried so many different brands but none to this level. I'm dealing with a sensitive stomach and digestive tract that was acting up with regular caffeine coffee. Dayes coffee has allowed me to enjoy coffee again without the irritation and discomfort. I'm an avid fan and thankful I tried your coffee. So smooth and full of flavor. 😋😋😋🤩

Great taste!!!

I love the flavor of this coffee!! I have a sensitive stomach, and it does not bother my stomach at all!!!