Enzyme Fermented Coffee 16oz (1lb)
Enzyme Fermented Coffee 16oz (1lb)
Enzyme Fermented Coffee 16oz (1lb)
Enzyme Fermented Coffee 16oz (1lb)
Enzyme Fermented Coffee 16oz (1lb)
Enzyme Fermented Coffee 16oz (1lb)
Enzyme Fermented Coffee 16oz (1lb)

Enzyme Fermented Coffee 16oz (1lb)

DAYES Coffee Roasters
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ROAST: Medium Dark (Full City) 

A new healthier coffee for your mornings. Mycotoxin Free and gut friendly. 

Developed by Dr. Grant Lee, retired USA cancer pathologist and CEO of DAYES Coffee, our enzyme fermented coffee is crafted with flavor and health in mind. Made with premium quality, high elevation grown Arabica beans. Enzyme fermented with 50 enzymes before roasting. 

  • Gentle on digestion: low acidity and smooth
  • Low in Caffeine (only 15% caffeine of a regular cup of coffee)
  • Caffeine removed without chemical solvents (from fermentation instead)
  • Less bitter - cut down on the cream and sugar
  • Mycotoxin free - double tested by a 3rd part and in-house lab
  • Freshly roasted within 3 days before shipping 
  • Long shelf life due to fermentation - stays deliciously fresh for longer

 Brewing Tips: 

  • this coffee can be enjoyed with any brewing method - best for espresso
  • use a 1:15 ratio (coffee: water) - use more coffee if you enjoy a stronger flavor 


Fermented in: South Korea

Roasted in: Middletown, New York, USA
Roasted with: Loring Smart Roaster S15 Falcon (Made in USA)
Net Weight : 455g/16oz
Ingredient : 100% Arabica Beans
Coffee Grade: Premium
Origins (Blend): Brazil Mogiana, Colombia Supremo, Guatemala Antigua and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
Storage : Avoid sunlight and keep sealed and in a cool place. 
Quality date : 12 months from roasting date, best within 3 months



Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 192 reviews
Debra Bukewihge
Great coffee!!

I was very hesitant to try this coffee. It was pretty expensive for coffee, almost $40 a pound, and I figured they were exaggerating the benefits. My husband loves coffee but has stomach issues when he drinks it and needs a low acid coffee so I decided to give Dayes coffee a try. Best purchase ever! This coffee is so good I just placed another order, this time for a 5lb bag! My husband is able to drink coffee again and, for the first time ever, I am drinking my coffee black. Thank you for a really, really good cup of coffee.

Spectacular Flavorful Coffee

I had to stop drink coffee over a year ago because of the acid in it that was tearing up my stomach. I love coffee and really struggled having to give it up and I didn't fee the same way about tea. I saw an ad in the Epoch Times for Dayes and read bout the unique roasting that strips out the acid and I decided to give it a try. I've been drinking it now for about 6 months and my stomach is perfect. Thank you Dayes Coffee for bring back my morning enjoyment of sipping coffee while reading the Bible. It's perfect and it taste better than any other brand of coffee I've tried.

Thank you Rachel for sharing your story. We are so glad we can help people enjoy coffee again!

David Jean

Unbelievable taste and aroma. My wife got the mail and put the double wrapped bag in the car. She said she wanted to try it by the time she was at the top of the driveway. She is an Adventist and has never had even a sip of coffee her entire life. I am a devout coffee drinker and will buy nothing but this Dayes coffee.

Boyd Hudson

A smooth, rich, enjoyable cup of coffee! I do not say that very often. The acidity in most coffee has a negitive effect on me to the point where I never order coffee at a restaurant...at all. This coffee had no such effects. A good tasting, enjoyable cup of coffee! A rare thing for me!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We are happy to hear you can now enjoy a cup of coffee with low acidity and full flavor!

Unique and Delicious

Strong but not bitter, and still very flavorful. Rich, earthy tones with a smooth finish. In terms of a difference in digestion, I don't normally have issues digesting coffee unless it's sweet drive-thru coffee, but I can still feel that Dayes is gentler on my stomach, and I'm never hit with that strong caffeine effect. Not whatsoever the weak watery flavor of decaf (because the caffeine is 80% removed through the enzyme process) rather still very delicious and effective! Highly recommend, even as an occasional substitution to your daily grind.

We are happy you enjoy the enzyme fermented coffee. Thank you for taking the time to review DAYES coffee.

I love your coffee

I discovered your coffee on Amazon. I am so glad I found it. I come from a long line of coffee lovers, but when I was in my mid 20’s I found that coffee was causing me some digestion problems and a contributing factor to my upper respiratory allergies. I went the rest of my life missing coffee as an important part of my life. Several times I would go on a “coffee-drinking” spree and always paid the price and had to quit. When I read about your coffee, I decided to try coffee again. I bought the small bag on Amazon and drank it with Bulletproof Brain MCT Oil. The oil gives me an extra “boost” and the coffee with lower acid and low caffeine is easy on my gut. My! How it has given me so much pleasure without paying the price that I have always had to pay. I have used it for quite a time now and see no reason to think it bothers me in any way. Thank you for making it possible. Other older people who may not have had problems with coffee are likely to have problems as they age. I’m telling everybody in my older people environment about your coffee. Many of them seem interested in trying it.

Anaid M
Very acidic and bitter

This is the most acidic and bitter coffee I've ever had. Super bad for my stomach. It makes my acid reflux and gerd worse.

Jennifer W
My Stomach Thanks You!

I was recently diagnosed with gastritis and have had quite the food and beverage elimination adventure. Giving up coffee was the hardest of them all, but thanks to DAYES, I can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee without fear of reflux.

Carlene Harrison

This is very tasty coffee and I will definitely buy again.

Kathy Sparrenberger
Healthy and DELISH!

I love DAYES COFFEE and using my French Press - a more tasty & healthy cup than Starbucks ( though still go there when I need a quick fix:) So glad I found DAYES!