We craft superior coffees that are healthy and delicious. 


Fermenting Coffee Beans with Enzymes

At DAYES, we begin with high-quality Arabica coffee beans. They are treated with a 50 enzyme complex and left to ferment at an optimal temperature. When roasted, ground, and brewed, the fermented coffee beans yield flavors and health benefits not found in regular coffee.


Benefits of DAYES Enzyme Fermented Coffee

  1. Lower caffeine content
    – Fermentation reduces the caffeine content by 85-90%.  This makes fermented coffee a great option for people who enjoy drinking coffee but want to lower caffeine intake in their diet.

  2. Friendlier on the stomach
    – Fermentation makes coffee easier to digest and absorb by breaking down tannin and other compounds that can trigger stomach discomfort.

  3. Longer freshness
    – Fermentation leads to less rancidity, thereby extending the preservation period of roasted coffee beans up to two years. A longer preservation period allows the taste to become even richer.

  4. Lower bitterness 
    – Fermentation decreases the intense bitter taste of regular coffee. Coffee that tastes smoother and less bitter can be enjoyed any time of the day.