Enzyme Fermented Coffee -Family Size (5lb)
Enzyme Fermented Coffee -Family Size (5lb)
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Enzyme Fermented Coffee -Family Size (5lb)

Dayes Coffee
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Enjoy our enzyme fermented coffee in family size! Buy in bulk and save! 

Works out to only be $27/lb when bought it a 5lb bag. Sealed in a 5lb bag with a degassing valve. 

Note the 5lb bag does not come with a zipper close. So we recommend using a clip or tape to seal the bag to retain freshness. A special airtight coffee container also works.

Note that the coffee beans will continue to degass while it ships, so don't be alarmed when the bag arrives filled with gas. Degassing helps improve the flavor of the coffee and is a natural process after roasting. Simply squeeze out the gas using the one way degassing valve that is on the bag, and your coffee will taste even better 2 to 3 weeks after roasting.  

We recommend ordering whole bean for optimal freshness but we also offer ground for those who are serving large quantities. 

 Brewing Tips: 

  • this coffee can be enjoyed with any brewing method - best for espresso
  • use a 1:15 ratio (coffee: water) - use more coffee if you enjoy a stronger flavor 
  • Espresso Machine settings: 18g ground coffee over 35 seconds - use 40 to 49g of water  

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Favorite coffew

I love this low acidic coffee. With moderate heartburn, i am finally able to drink coffee again. I allow myself one cup each morning. Although Daye's coffee is 1/3rd the caffeine, it doesnt taste different and it gives me the morning boost I need. The coffee has a smooth flavor.

Simply the Best!

I have Crohn’s disease and I’ve found that Daye’s coffee with its low acid and low caffeine really works well with my digestive disorder.

Larry Lomascola

I was recently diagnosed with hypertension and was told to minimize my caffeine intake, which was unfortunate for me since I love coffee and enjoy at least two cups a day. I was not excited about switching to decaf since the taste is usually affected by the decaffeinating process. This enzyme fermented coffee has been perfect for me since the flavor is preserved, but the caffeine content is reduced to a point that won’t adversely affect my blood pressure. I can continue to enjoy multiple Americanos as day. The beans are great for pulling shots of espresso. I haven’t used it with my French press yet, but I’m sure it will be terrific as well. My only request is that there will be other roast variations in the future.

Jay Hendon
Eureka! I found it!

I've been looking for quite a while for a low-caffeine alternative that still satisfied my desire for a strong coffee taste. Regular de-caf just isn't close enough in taste for me but this enzyme fermented coffee really does the job - I'm one happy customer.

Hsinling Hsieh


Great and very different flavor profile

Great and very different flavor profile, doesn't hurt my stomach when I drink before breakfast either, it's is my #1 morning brew! It's a little pricey but it is good. Life is too short to drink bad coffee so give it a go.

Anne Cowan
Easy on a pregnant tummy

My expecting daughter-in-law and son came into town for a family gathering. She made a pot of coffee from a well know brand I had left over from a time before I discovered Dayes. I said oh here’s the good stuff but she said this is fine/. Well it gave her a terrible stomach ache. I fixed another pot for her and she was amazed at the difference - so smooth and tasty - everyone that comes thru my kitchen ( and I have 9 brothers and sisters and there are 49 nieces and nephews LOVES Dayes coffee.

Kimmis Brady
Great taste—not bitter

We’ve bought coffee from local roasters and chains, but have been enjoying fermented beans recently. Actually the flavor is so good we no longer add cream. Black coffee using this bean tastes beyond excellent.

Donna Brown

Tasty , smooth coffee I can sip all day.

Gloria King
Best Coffee!

We’ve been drinking Dayes coffee for several months. Easy on my tummy with a smooth finish. I am a huge fan of Dayes coffee.