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What are the strengths of
DAYES Enzyme Fermented Coffee?

In the process of creating a coffee without the downsides of a normal coffee, we have made great discoveries.

Reduced Caffeine content: After enzyme fermentation, the caffeine content got reduced to almost 1/10, making it possible for pregnant women, and the elderly to enjoy coffee.

Fewer side effects, including trouble falling asleep: Many people who drink coffee regularly tend to over-consume caffeine, thus have difficulty falling or staying asleep. However, with Dayes Enzyme Fermented Coffee,

No stomach discomfort. Drinking lots of coffee usually yields digestive pain or stomach ache. Enzyme fermented coffee breaks down tannin and other ingredients that trigger stomach aches.

Easy to digest: During the fermentation process, polymer component is split into small molecules, making the coffee to easier to be digested and absorbed. The coffee also becomes smoother to taste as a result.

Elongated preservation period: Coffee is usually rancid, so the preservation period is less than a month. However, the enzyme fermentation leads to less rancidity, extending the preservation period to 1 year. In addition, as the preservation time increases, the taste of the coffee becomes richer.

The taste has gotten smoother. It does not have an intense bitter taste of regular coffee and only preserves the great taste.